Tuesday, February 26, 2013

36 Hours

My mother-in-law, Wanda, will be here in about 36 hours. Am I freaking out? Yes, but not why you would think. Elora and I both have had a stomach virus the past couple of days. In turn, my house has become a huge mess. I was hoping to have the house "perfect" for her arrival but it'll just look "lived in", I guess. I hope I can just get rid of the cooties by then.

Me and my sick Squishy

I am glad to have Wanda coming to stay with us. I love my MIL dearly and cannot wait until I have her company. Being alone over here has set my depression in to over drive. Hopefully having a familiar face will bring me out of my "funk".

The upside to the "funk" and sickness is that I'm now 1.5lbs away from my pre-baby weight. Definitely not the way I wanted to get there but non the less, I am there. Now I need to stop being lazy and actually exercise. I miss running and want to start back up. It is a great way to exercise and clear my head. Problem is that I have all these "plans" to exercise but, like I said, I'm lazy and make excuses. With more free time with Wanda being here, I will run out of excuses of not having time to workout so I MUST do this! It's time to stop complaining about my "too big" thighs and "c-section shelf" and do something about it.

Suggestions and encouragement are welcome!

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