Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Another Day in the Life

Thank goodness for social media and being able to sell random crap that you do not want anymore. No more do you have to wake up before dawn, set up tables, pull out junk you no longer want, and sit/stand all day in front of your house waiting for anyone willing to buy the things you no longer want/need. We have the Internet for that now!
Good news is that I've sold some things. Bad is news is that I've bought a few things. At least those things that I bought where clothes for Hayden as well as a two bed sets. Now my three year old, whom I swear has grown at least two inches since we moved here in December, has some thing to wear this coming summer. And my mother-in-law will have somewhere to sleep when she comes next week and I have another bed for any guests that decide to visit us.
Now, with it being said that I have been selling items from my home, I have a story about one transaction from today. All day long I have been online setting up meetings for people to come take things off my hands and, for the most part, I wrote down when they were coming and for what. I took a break to take a shower and no later 30 seconds after I turn on the water, there was a knock at the door. Hayden comes in the bathroom to tell me a lady is at the door. I figured it was the German Jehovah's Witness woman from a couple days ago coming to try to "save me" again and I told Hayden to ignore the door. *Another knock* Then it occurs to me that Germans ring the buzzer, not knock on the door. So I ring my hair and throw a towel on and peek out. Definitely not the Jehovah's Witness woman. I take my changes and open the door to find out who the younger woman at the door was and gave her a shock of seeing me in a towel. She shyly tells me who she is and says that she is here for my dress. After a couple apologies from both of us and her trying hard to not look at me while I'm dripping wet in a tiny towel, she's out the door with my old dress and I'm $10 richer.
I wish I could say this was the first time something like this happened, but as my luck goes, it wasn't. Probably won't be the last time either.

On another note, I saw something that I haven't seen in two years. My scale showed 128.5lbs! I'm FINALLY getting closer to my pre-baby weight, which took 14 months to get this far. After Michael pestering me for weeks to stop drinking soda so I would lose the weight I kept complaining about, I did. Well, I have had a couple drinks here and there in the past two months but not the 6 cans a day of Mt. Dew that I use to have. Maybe he was right...maybe...


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